Every time you’ve seen a toilet, did you ever stop to think that not all toilets are the same?

I assume not since usually we’ve been holding it too long, then we stumble into the bathroom to get number 1 or 2 out as fast as possible without much thought or thanks to your compadre Mr. toilet. There are so many varieties of toilets and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. Take a look below as we explore the styles of toilets, and yes they are styles because honestly what else can we call them.

Table of Contents

  1. One-Piece Toilets
  2. Two-Piece Toilets
  3. Pull Chain Toilets
  4. Square Toilets
  5. Round Toilets
  6. Elongated Toilets
  7. Exposed Trapway Toilet
  8. Concealed Trapway Toilet
  9. Small Compact Toilets
  10. Wall Mounted Toilets

One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets are typically made of one entire piece of ceramic or other material types, all the parts are molded together except for the toilet seat. The tank and bowl are not separate units that need to be attached using bolts and gaskets giving the toilet a seamless look. These can be popular because of their aesthetics and ease of installation. We’ve reviewed over 50 one piece toilets.

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Two-Piece Toilets

These are the standard toilets you see almost everywhere, two-piece toilets are composed of joining the two main portions of the toilet which are the tank and the bowl. Connecting the tank to the bowl via the inlet using gaskets and bolts to attach them together. They are used more due to being multiple components if anything fails or is damaged you can replace the individual parts.

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Pull Chain Toilets

Retro is always cool even with toilets, pull chain toilets have a high tank that leverages gravity to feed the water into the inlet. Usually mounted about 4 to 6 feet above the bowl and attached to the wall giving it an appearance that it is held up by a metal flush pipe. Of course, can forget about the pull chain instead of handle for the flapper.

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Square Toilets

A bit different but hey being odd isn’t always a bad thing, square toilets are pretty cool looking and aside from their visual appearance are not much different from a regular round toilet. They can be made in both one-piece and two-piece designs.

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Round Toilets

Round toilets are pretty much round, they can snuggly cuddle you as you take your daily well um you know… As far as it goes round toilets are the most common toilets known to be around since the inception of toilets. There are definitely some comfort considerations depending on how big of a space you have and how big or petite you are.

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Elongated Toilets

These are a variant of round toilets with a slightly more elongated shape, a modern twist to the traditional round toilet. Elongated toilets increase the surface area of the seat and bowl giving two positives not many will disagree with. The first is an increase in comfort so you can sit longer with having your legs go numb and second the flush is more powerful helping avoid the double flush situation where water is wasted. View our elongated toilet reviews.

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Exposed Trapway Toilet

This is completely focused only on looks of the toilet but an exposed trapway is the bottom portion of the bowl where it looks like a curved road. This portion of the bowl is exposed and becomes a map of the journey your lunch from yesterday will be taking.

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Concealed Trapway Toilet

A concealed trapway is just another design of the same trapway in all toilets but in this case, the entirety of it is covered and not visible. Installation of this kind of toilet is different but outside of that just more pleasing to the eyes.

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Small Compact Toilets

Compact toilets are just a smaller version of their counterparts, compact variants of round and elongated toilets are the more typical of the bunch. Used in bathrooms where space is a major consideration small compact toilets are the go-to for space-saving.

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Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets can also be called wall hung toilets and are more compact with a space-age look to them. They are simply mounted into the wall and all components are installed into the wall as well, the tank is hidden and the only visible portion of the toilet is the bowl.

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