Planning a bathroom remodel and looking for something out of the ordinary? A square toilet might be just what you need to infuse new life into your tired old bathroom. This unconventional shape helps interior designers achieve their style goals while boosting property values for homeowners. Below are some tips and tidbits about these intriguing square toilets.

A Modern Touch

There is something unmistakably contemporary about a square toilet and it gives any bathroom a more modern feel. The square shape also lends itself well to those with a more minimalist style. While a pull-chain toilet can look extravagant, a square toilet can take on a very sparse look. There are even “floating” models that can mount to the wall. They have the necessary working components of a standard toilet but they take up about half the space, making it ideal for tight and cramped spaces.

Also, unlike standard round toilets, square ones tend to have the flusher handle on the side of the tank rather than on the front. This creates a more streamlined look and is preferable for many people.

How Efficient are Square Toilets?

Just because these toilets are non-traditional doesn’t mean that they skimp on performance and quality. It turns out that there is a plus side to opting for something more contemporary. While not exactly high-efficiency, these toilets use much less water than older models. For instance, outdated toilets can use up to three gallons of water per flush but many square models use just 1.6 gallons. For reference, a high-efficiency toilet uses 1.3 gallons of water per flush or less.

Also, keep in mind the EPA is currently working on recommended guidelines for their WaterSense program and this is something you should keep an eye out if your toilet falls outside of these guidelines.

Are Square Toilets Expensive?

A disadvantage is that square toilets are more expensive than the standard version. They usually cost twice as much if not more. When deciding if it’s in your budget to be able to afford a square toilet, keep in mind that there might be additional expenses involved. For instance, some of these toilets do not come with the lid included so that will be an added purchase. While a toilet seat lid shouldn’t necessarily break the bank, the price might be higher than anticipated given the lid’s unconventional shape.

Square Toilets Pros and Cons

It might seem as though it would be strange or even difficult to install a square toilet but they can be quite accommodating. Most of these toilets which we reviewed are capable of fitting into bathrooms that only have a 12-inch rough-in. This makes them suitable for a wider range of rooms, even smaller guest bathrooms or powder rooms.

Also, some people might wonder if a square toilet is comfortable to sit on. After all, our bottoms seem much more accustomed to a round seat. That being said, there are plenty of square models that are just as comfy as their more circular counterparts.

Another advantage to a square toilet is that it can still come with modern amenities while infusing more style into a bathroom. Some units have a dual flush capability, which allows you to use less water for lighter flushes while you use heavier flushes for more waste.

A square toilet also offers more flexibility in seat height. This is great for those who need to consider height when thinking about their bathroom appliances. Square toilets can easily be installed at a taller height, although the decision will be dictated by your current bathroom setup.

There are disadvantages, of course. Price is a huge one as it the primary factor that goes into a bathroom remodel. Homeowners don’t want to spend the majority of their budget on the toilet so this could mean that they need to skip the square design. Your best bet is to shop around and be patient in your search for a reasonably priced toilet.

Another potential disadvantage is that since square toilets are not the norm (yet), they are less likely to have the kinds of modern amenities that homeowners are looking for, such as water-efficient flushing, bidet attachments, or heated toilet seats. This shouldn’t stop you from getting a square toilet if you want one, though. After all, you’ve lived this long without those fancy features.

Overall, the square toilet is a trendy and fun design choice that can fit comfortably in a variety of bathroom shapes and styles.