The toilet handle is one of the most noticeable features on the toilet. The handle is outside of the toilet. When the handle is pushed down, the flush cycle is initiated, and all of the inner parts work to complete the flush cycle and refill the tank/bowl. A broken or ill-fitted handle can cause a variety of issues with both the interior and exterior of the toilet. Handles come in a variety of sizes and styles. The handle is one of the most customizable features on the toilet, as they come in varying shapes, styles, and colors, metals. Handles have even advanced to being push buttons on the lid of the toilet, labeled I and II to signify the type of waste and water levels needed to flush the toilet.

Where are toilet handles usually located?

Interestingly enough, the handle is almost always placed on the left side of the toilet, as most of the world is right-handed. While that sounds backwards, when sitting on the toilet, the handle on the left side is the most accessible for right-handed people!