You spend a lot of time on it, just not a lot of time thinking about. When did toilets come to be? Who invented them? What have the historical impacts of toilets been across civilizations? In this section, we’ll cover the history of toilets and the impacts they’ve had on our civilizations.

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Toilet History 101

For an item that we use everyday, not many of us really know where toilets came from, how they involved, and who the major innovators were. In this section, we’ll review the key points in time as it pertains to our friend, the toilet.

Toilets and Notable Civilizations

History: Toilets in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were known for many things, but their bathrooms weren’t one of them. Let’s take a brief look at the history of toilets throughout Egyptian history.

Toilets In Ancient Egypt

History: Toilets in Ancient Greece

Although we might not hear about it that much when studying the ancient Greeks, they did have a plumbing system, at least in some parts of Greece. Let’s learn about the history of toilets in ancient Greece.

Toilets In Ancient Greece

History: Toilets in Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans influenced many of the cultures and civilizations around them, including the way that people went to the bathroom. Let’s look at the history of toilets and sanitation in Rome.

Toilets In Ancient Rome

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