Class is in session! Toilets 101 is dedicated to all things toilets from learning about all the different types of toilets, to even knowing how to actually install one. Search the sections below to find your dream toilet, study how to guides, or even just learn about their features.

Table of Contents

Types of Toilets

Learn about the various types of toilets including typical flushing toilets, tankless toilets, composting toilets, uplflush toilets and much more.

Types of Toilets

Toilet Styles

Toilets come in many styles, each providing a different design look and feel. In this section, you can learn more about the main styles of toilets today.

Toilet Styles

Toilet Features

Until now, toilets have remained fairly low-tech. In this section though, we cover many of the newest features being introduced to improve the bathroom experience.

Features of Toilets

Toilet Seats

Not all toilet seats are created equal! Some, more comfortable than others for sure. Here, you can learn about your different options for toilet seats.

Toilet Seats

To learn more about toilets, toilet terminology, and DIY information, we’ve got a couple more resources which may be useful to you.

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