There are so many innovations when it comes to toilets and everyday companies are evolving toilets to become some serious pieces of technology. Especially when it comes to conservation and cleanliness with steady improvements in flush technology. There are many other advancements in smart features and capabilities with additions like self-cleaning, touch screen displays, and even speakers for streaming music. Continue reading below to learn more about toilet features.

Table of Contents

  1. Smart Toilets
  2. Double-Cyclone Toilets
  3. Single-Flush Toilets
  4. Touchless Flush Toilets
  5. Double-Flush Toilets
  6. Eco-Friendly Toilets

Smart Toilets

Stylish and futuristic is kind of the best way to describe smart toilets and with as many features as your smartphone, you can run your entire office from this throne. The features are really robust from heated seating, emergency flush support and even Bluetooth capabilities.

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Double-Jet Flush Toilets

These toilets use a new style of flushing that has better use of the rim holes in the bowl, mainly using two jets of water alongside the bowl creating a stronger flush using less water overall. According to the American Standard website, this maintains the overall cleanliness of the toilet a lot longer than a traditional flush.

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Single-Flush Toilets

Using gravity as the main form of flushing the single flush toilet is the most common of flush systems in toilets offering a variety of styles and options.

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Touchless Flush Toilets

I’m sure you’ve seen this at many public restrooms, sometimes you might look at the handle and use some sort of protection, grab a piece of toilet paper as a temporary glove solution. Keeping things clean by limiting where you touch is awesome, use your hand as a magic flush wand since most germs travel via hands so touchless tech definitely increases Bathroom cleanliness.

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Double-Flush Toilets

One of the best features for water conservation are double flush toilets, you can choose between two GPF(gallons per flush) rates. Depending on which direction you pull the handle or how hard you press it you can determine how much water is necessary for the proper flushing of the waste.

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Eco-Friendly Toilets

Many toilets offer some really cool features and others offer a huge focus on eco-friendliness and water conservation. They focus on efficiency with GPF and a powerful enough flush to rid of all waste, saving water and the dreaded double flush.

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