Most of us have seen toilets that automatically flush, usually in a public setting. They’re sometimes referred to as smart toilets or models that have a smart-flushing system. While they may be popular in public restrooms and office buildings, you can easily get a touchless flush toilet in your home. Let’s check out the options below.

Popular Touchless Flush Models

Some high-quality brands that sell touchless flush models include American Standard, Kohler, and Toto. American Standard’s ActiVate Touchless Flush Technology features a motion sensor on the side of the tank, similar to where a traditional flusher handle would be.

Kohler’s San Souci touchless flush toilet is a one-piece design that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It’s powered by four AA batteries and features a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Toto is known for its variety of toilets, and its auto-flush line is available in one- and two-piece designs. The system allows users to manually flush or use the automatic flushing sensors, granting them total control.

What’s cool about these automatic flushing systems is that consumers can purchase the entire toilet or they can opt for a touchless flush kit. For example, the TECHO touchless toilet flush kit allows homeowners to convert their existing toilet into a touchless flush model. The kit includes a motion sensor that prompts the toilet to flush when a body moves away from the fixture. The sensor kit is usually battery operated, but the batteries last for around 300,000 flushes.

At just $60, it is much more affordable than purchasing a brand new touchless flush toilet. It eliminates the need for an intensive installation process and users can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to react when you’re a certain number of inches away. On the downside, it doesn’t work with dual-flush toilets, and charging the battery can be annoying because you need to detach it from the tank.

All that being said, these touchless flush kits allow you to use the flusher that is already on your toilet or to use the automatic touchless flush option.

Benefits of a Touchless Flush Toilet

Most people would agree that not having to touch a grimy toilet flusher is a huge advantage. Besides that, these toilets are user friendly for a variety of people, especially the elderly and those with disabilities. They’re great for kids, too, since young ones are less likely to give their hands a good washing after using the bathroom.

Overall, these toilets are more hygienic and are great for limiting your exposure to bacteria and illness-causing germs. Their ease of use and their practicality make them a good choice for families and caregivers.

The price is another potential benefit, especially for those who opt for the kit, which they can install on their toilet. This eliminates the need to shell out big bucks for a whole new bathroom fixture. Of course, there could be additional advantages to getting an entirely brand-new touchless flush toilet.

For instance, touchless flush toilets often include other contemporary functions such as minimal design, a comfortable seat height, and less water used per flush. Not only do you get the benefit of a cleaner trip to the bathroom, but you’re doing good for the environment by using less water per flush. Not all touchless flush toilets will be high efficiency, but it’s something to look into if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

How Much Do Touchless Flush Toilets Cost?

Speaking of which, it might be good to review some prices for these touchless flush toilets. If you’re going to go for a whole new unit, then you can expect to pay something within the range of $500 to $800, with wiggle room, of course.

You may be pleased to discover that there are all kinds of designs available for touchless flush toilets. You can choose between a round or elongated bowl, as well as one- and two-piece models. Some touchless flush toilets have a very minimalist design, while others have convenient features such as bidet attachments and slow-closing seats.

At the end of the day, it is your choice. You may have the funds to get a whole new toilet or you may prefer to keep your existing toilet and deck it out with a touchless flush kit. There is no right or wrong answer, just what best suits your needs and budget.