Near and dear to many hearts… toilet seats! According to polls across the internet, you will spend about 92 days out of your entire life sitting on the toilet. This is just an average of course and some people will average less and others will be the superstars of the toilet world harnessing their toilet sitting skills to create, imagine, philosophize and provide many other positives to the world in general. Get the low down on toilet seats here, might as well be prepared to spend those 92 days in comfort.

Table of Contents

  1. Round Toilet Seat
  2. Open Front Toilet Seat
  3. Elongated Toilet Seat
  4. Quick Removal/Install Toilet Seats
  5. Soft Close Toilet Seat
  6. Cleansing Toilet Seat
  7. Deodorizing Toilet Seat
  8. Lighted Toilet Seat
  9. Molded Wood Toilet Seat
  10. Bidet Toilet Seat

Round Toilet Seat

Round toilet seats are the typical seat you will find on toilets, although it does depend on the style of toilet. Most one-piece or two-piece round toilets would make a perfect pair with these seats. They can be made of a variety of materials from wood, plastic and even some that have a padded cushion.

Open Front Toilet Seat

These are a bit different than you might be used to seeing unless you’re a female. The reason why is because this design is specifically made for women so that they can avoid touching the front of the seat. Some people might call them “split seats” and they are much more common in public bathrooms than homes.

Elongated Toilet Seat

Slightly elongated to fit any elongated toilet bowl, these seats are comfortable and just like round seats can be made in a variety of materials. Keep your eye out for tech advantages being added to toilet seats where they actually stay sterilized and deodorized.

Quick Removal/Install Toilet Seats

Quick removal seats are great if you like to clean your toilet and be able to remove the seat without having to work too hard. They allow the removal of the seat so that you can get into the nooks and corners of the toilet seat hinges.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

If someone in your home loves to slam the toilet seat and make you jump out of shock, soft close toilet seats are the solution. They use hinges that have tension that limits how fast the lid can shut and create a gentle landing.

Cleansing Toilet Seat

The full package of a clean toilet experience, cleansing toilet seats will have a combination of cleansing upgrades from bidets, deodorizers, stainless steel parts, and even UV-light sanitization. There are many seats that offer these features individually but for the best clean seats, this is the go-to.

Deodorizing Toilet Seat

A step in the right direction if bathroom odors are a concern, these seats typically have integrated air purifiers and air fresheners. Making it the one simple solution to a stinky bathroom.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Most would assume that bidet toilet seats mainly for women but they are gaining popularity by providing an overall really clean bathroom experience for everyone. These seats have a variety of features such as drying capabilities, adjustable water pressure, and nozzle positioning.

Lighted Toilet Seat

Its a nightlight for your toilet, lighted toilet seats help you find your way to the toilet in the dark. They help anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the late hours of the night. Lighted toilet seats can help avoid a mess when you can’t see properly in the dark.

Molded Wood Toilet Seat

A bit less common as plastic has become a standard but none the less still around due to a combination of appearance and natural sense. Molded wood toilet seats can be made from all types of wood from oak to walnut.