The toilet seat is the most well-known part of the toilet, as it is what we sit down on when we use the bathroom. The toilet seat is shaped as one of the wider parts of the lid/seat/bowl combination to make sitting on the toilet (even for extended periods of time) more comfortable. While mainly being a comfort measure, it also prevents unnecessary splash back of water when flushing.

The toilet seat interacts closest with the lid and the bowl. It is attached to the toilet lid with a set of bolts or locks, and they are both then attached to the toilet bowl/rim area either screwed in or popped into place. The toilet seat can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match almost any toilet on the market. The most common issue with the toilet seat is the breaking of the bolts attached to the lid, either from being knocked in the wrong direction, or by having too much pressure placed on them. Thankfully the seat/lid combination is quite a quick and easy repair!