If you’ve been in the market for a new toilet lately, then you might have noticed that elongated toilets are becoming more popular. It used to be that most homes in the United States had the typical round toilet seat but now we’re seeing elongated toilets all over the place.

Elongated toilets are a more modern look that best suits a standard bathroom or larger. While round toilet bowls measure about 16.5 inches, an elongated bowl is usually 18.5 inches so you need some extra room.

Installing an Elongated Toilet

There isn’t a big mystery when it comes to installing an elongated toilet. The process is just about the same as it would be for a more conventional round toilet. The primary concern would just be making sure that there is enough allocated space for the extra two inches or so of the elongated toilet. Some elongated models require just a 10-inch rough-in while others require 12 inches or more. It will just depend on your specific bathroom and the particular toilet you end up purchasing. Take a look at out how to guides if you need more help installing your toilet.

Comfort Level and Design

The main difference between an elongated toilet and its outdated counterpart is the overall look and feel. The minute you sit on an elongated toilet seat, you can feel the difference. There is more surface area so it makes for a more comfortable seat than the smaller round toilet.

Also, elongated toilets may be more comfortable for children or people with disabilities since it’s easier for them to get on and off the toilet. The fact that an elongated toilet extends outward an extra couple of inches means that it can create a smoother bathroom experience for those with disabilities or mobility issues. That being said, elongated toilets can also stand a bit taller than more conventional round toilets so that’s something to be aware of.

You might also be happy to hear that elongated toilets are a bit easier to clean. The underside of the bowl’s interior typically has a smaller lip, which means that gunk and bacteria are less likely to build up there.

How Efficient is an Elongated Toilet?

If we’re talking about space efficiency, then an elongated toilet is going to lose to the round toilet. An elongated toilet has an extra two inches or so, making it best for larger bathrooms. Now, when it comes to water usage and special efficiency features, an elongated toilet is more likely to have those kinds of amenities.

This is because round toilets aren’t very popular so there aren’t many new and improved versions being made. On the other hand, newer elongated models might include dual flush capability, low-flow flushes (meaning that it uses 1.3 gallons of water per flush or less), if you want to see where how your toilet compares check out our flush calculator.

Elongated Toilet Pricing and Affordability

It’s not uncommon for an elongated toilet to cost slightly more than round toilets. Yet as the elongated model becomes more and more popular, the odds are that it will drop in price and be on par with more conventional toilets.

While the price may be one of the potential disadvantages of an elongated toilet, you should also consider that this design does not use space as efficiently as a more traditional toilet such as the round one. If you need a toilet for an attic or basement bathroom or a powder room, then an elongated toilet is going to be too big. Stick with this option for your standard-size bathrooms or master baths.

Final Considerations

Besides making sure that your budget can allow for a new elongated toilet, you should also consider the rough-in size of your bathroom so that you can choose an accommodating toilet. Twelve inches is a good number since it is the most common of rough-in sizes, although 10 and 14 aren’t unheard of either. That being said, you will find that the majority of toilets are ready for a 12-inch rough-in. Our elongated toilet reviews can help highlight some of the better models.

For those who don’t know, the rough-in is the part between the installation of the toilet and the wall. If you measure the space behind your toilet right now, you will probably find that it is 12 inches or so from the wall to the unit. Keep these tips in mind as you shop around for your perfect toilet choice.