If you’re new to DIY-ing and bathroom remodeling, then you might be surprised to learn just how many variations there are of the humble toilet. Most of us go to the bathroom without giving the toilet a second thought (unless we’re in a public restroom, in which case, good luck), but it turns out that toilets can be as vast and varied as any other major appliance in your home.

The standard in most American households is a round toilet so that’s what we will focus on today. Below is a quick guide to what you need to know when looking for a round toilet as well as how to decide if this type of toilet best suits your bathroom.

Round Toilets: The Basics

Well, for one thing, these toilets feature a round seat but you probably already knew that. It generally has a bowl length of 16.5 inches, although there is some wiggle room. In the end, a round toilet could be a good space-saving option. It is better for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms rather than a standard-size or full bath.

As for how it feels, well, it’s probably quite familiar to you. When deciding on whether a round toilet is right for you and your family, consider all the people living in your household. A round toilet can be okay for children since the seat tends to be on the smaller side. If you want to put a potty training seat on the toilet, though, things could get a little tricky.

Installing a round toilet is relatively easy since it was the standard in American households for so many years. Everything is straightforward so there shouldn’t be any hidden fees when having this toilet installed. Maintenance and cleaning are straightforward, although the conventional bulkiness of a round toilet can be a bother for some people.

Also, installation and cleaning will vary slightly depending on whether you opt for a one-piece or two-piece toilet. The main difference is that a one-piece toilet has the bowl and tank stuck together as one unit whereas a two-piece toilet has a bowl and tank that you can take apart.

Finally, price is perhaps the most important factor that homeowners think about when choosing a new household appliance. Fortunately, round toilets are an inexpensive option that is easy to find.

The Finer Details

Now it’s time to jump into some of the more detailed aspects of round toilets. You might have found yourself wondering if you should go for a round toilet or an elongated one. Well, the choice is ultimately up to you but here is some information to help you decide. You can always view our reviews here of course.

The question of whether to choose a round toilet or an elongated one is a good one and the answer will depend on a few things. Price, performance, efficiency, and comfort all come into play here.

To start, the round toilet is an economical option for those who aren’t too picky about how their toilets look. Besides that, it’s a safe bet and something that will be familiar to everyone. You won’t have any trouble finding round toilet options at your nearest home improvement store whereas availability for an elongated toilet might be limited.

In terms of performance, rounder toilets tend to have a less forceful flush than their elongated counterparts but there is room for variation. Manufacturers and designers are indeed leaning more towards elongated toilets when creating new features such as dual flushing systems, heated seats, and more. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find an accommodating round toilet.

One of the best things about round toilets is that they fit well in small spaces that don’t require a strong plumbing system. It’s easier to install and its space-efficient nature makes it a no-brainer for smaller bathrooms.

The traditional design of a round toilet is familiar and doesn’t affect the overlook look of the toilet. The bowl is just one component and whether it is round or elongated, you can find all kinds of styles for the tank and the rest of the body. Some people prefer the look of a round toilet over an elongated one but this is just personal preference.

While round toilets are falling out of popularity with homeowners, this is only because there are more modern models on the market that are catching people’s eyes. The tried and true round toilet isn’t going to vanish and it will serve its job well in your home.