The minimalism trend is not slowing down, and its focus on space-saving, simple designs can be seen in some professionally-designed bathrooms. Simple, compact toilets take up minimal space and can be especially great for smaller powder rooms. Even so, we have to wonder, are compact toilets a passing trend or are they here to stay? Let’s dive deeper into this design to find out.

Features of a Compact Toilet

A compact toilet is a great space-saving option that is good for smaller bathrooms and crowded powder rooms. Compact toilets may be mounted on the wall or they may simply be a smaller version of a standard toilet. Compact toilets typically include concealed trapways or skirted designs to maintain a consistent and simplified look.

Keep in mind that it can be a bit more difficult to find a compact toilet that is small enough for tight quarters since more manufacturers are turning to elongated toilet seats. Also, even though it’s a compact toilet, it still requires a 12-inch rough-in, at least in the large majority of cases.

When it comes to price, a simple compact toilet can run you a couple of hundred dollars or much more. Like all other toilets, the price can vary greatly. Again, you need to assess your bathroom and decide what kind of features you will need for your toilet.

You might be wondering if a compact toilet uses less water since it’s a smaller model. The answer is yes, most compact toilets are more efficient when it comes to water usage. This is great for those looking for a more environmentally-conscious bathroom appliance.

What Makes a Toilet Compact?

This is a good question, considering that all toilets start to seem the same after you look at them for a while. Essentially, a compact toilet simply takes up less space. This is done by giving it a smaller water tank or seat or opting for a round bowl instead of an elongated one.

Also, one-piece toilets tend to be more compact and minimal than their two-piece counterparts. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, just something that you might notice. Some compact toilets measure just 15 inches wide, although other compact models can be significantly wider. It just depends on the size of your bathroom and how big of a toilet you can accommodate.

There are compact toilets that sit on the floor like a standard toilet, and then there are those that are mounted to the wall. Those who need to cut down on space may even opt for a composting toilet, but that’s another article.

What Are Some Good Compact Toilets?

To help you get a head start on your search, here are a few highly-rated compact toilets that you might want to check out.

First is the SaniFlo 023 Sanicompact 48. It extends 21¾” from the wall and is 14½” wide. This toilet uses a unique macerating system to minimize waste before pumping it through the wastewater pipes. It also features a dual flush system, using as little as one gallon per flush.

The Gerba #VP-21-562 features a modern elongated bowl and measures 27.5” tall and 15” wide. It is a good combination of functionality and minimalism. Its sleek design gives it a contemporary edge, but the exposed trapways can make it annoying to clean. Consumers should keep in mind that it requires the Toto in-wall tank system.

Finally, the Woodbridge T-0001 also has a dual flush system, as well as an elongated seat for greater comfort. It has a one-piece, contemporary style and a skirted trapway for a streamlined look.

Final Considerations

Whether you want a compact toilet purely for the aesthetics or because you really do need it, be sure to take the proper measurements before you begin your search. You want to check the rough-in of your space, as well as the maximum width that you can accommodate in your bathroom.

Another important factor will be your budget. Fortunately, there are toilets in all price ranges, so you are bound to find something that fits your financial requirements. Lastly, keep in mind that your toilet isn’t the only thing that you can minimize. Think about how you can cut down on clutter in your small bathroom, either by trying new storage solutions or getting rid of a tub or shower.