A one-piece toilet might sound strange at first but these units are efficient and add a sleek look to any size bathroom. Below are some more details about this type of toilet as well as a closer look into its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a One-Piece Toilet?

The majority of people in the United States have two-piece toilets, meaning that the bowl and the tank are two separate entities that are joined by some kind of joint structure. Alternatively, a one-piece toilet is just as it sounds — a toilet that comes as one entire unit with no separation of bowl and tank.

Given its streamlined design, a one-piece toilet adds contemporary style to a bathroom. Seamless design creates cleaner lines that will suit most bathrooms and aesthetics, giving them a modern and sleek makeover. It’s a space-saving design too so it’s good for small bathrooms and powder rooms. For those looking for a compact design, the one-piece toilet is a safe bet.

How well does a One-Piece Toilet Perform?

One-piece toilets typically have a high-performance level, making them a good value for the money. In terms of power and efficiency, one-piece and two-piece toilets are on par with each other. Many of their parts and specifications are similar so performance will not be lacking with a one-piece model. The thing with a one-piece toilet is that there are fewer individual working parts, which means that it can be considered more reliable and stable than a two-piece toilet design.

When it comes to cost, a one-piece model will probably run you a couple of hundred dollars, although the price can soar to six hundred dollars or more. The thing is that two-piece toilets tend to be the norm so a one-piece toilet is something novel and intriguing. It’s also something that more people are going to be unfamiliar with, which can drive the price up more.

Another reason that a one-piece toilet may cost more is that its production costs tend to be higher. The production of a one-piece model is more complex but it’s not outrageous. Odds are that you can find a one-piece toilet in your price range.

On the downside, if you damage one part of a one-piece toilet, you will end up having to replace the entire unit. In contrast, a two-piece toilet allows you to change out the bowl or tank without having to replace the whole toilet. That being said, one-piece toilets are relatively easy to maintain and clean so as long as it isn’t neglected, it should hold up well.

Installing a One-Piece Toilet

While a one-piece toilet eliminates the need to install a tank, this doesn’t mean that its overall installation is a piece of cake. Installing a one-piece toilet can be a bit tricky due to its size and weight. Depending on the person and space it’s going into, this might be a two-person job. The good news is that once the toilet is in, there isn’t much else to do since the whole structure is one solid piece. If you need more help installing a toilet, take a look at our installation and how to guides.

Given proper usage and routine upkeep, a one-piece toilet can last for years and years. Since these toilets don’t have a joining part, that is one less thing to worry about maintaining or repairing. It also adds more durability to the toilet since it is less likely to experience that kind of damage.

Additional Benefits of a One-Piece Toilet

This toilet may be a good choice for those with kids since there are fewer parts for them to crush their little fingers in. For example, a two-piece toilet will have small joints that bring the bowl and tank together, which can become a trap for not only dirt and grime but also tiny hands. Fewer gaps in a one-piece toilet mean that they’re a breeze to clean and you won’t get nasty buildup in the crevices of the joints. This can also lead to a more hygienic toilet because there isn’t any debris or residue sitting in the cracks festering away.

With a two-piece toilet, leaks can occur where the tank joins to the bowl. This can lead to a messy situation that requires plumbing maintenance. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold if it is not addressed promptly. Overall, it looks as though a one-piece toilet is an awesome choice for those looking to update their bathrooms and get a reliable and efficient unit that will last for years to come.