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United States: Earth First! activist Nathan Coe: radical cultural shifts required to stave off ecological collapse

Mongabay: Many ideals, actions, and movements considered as fringe or radical by the standards of mainstream culture have gained prominence as global biodiversity withers and the biogeochemical cycles of the entire Earth System are upset by human activities. As endangered species and ecosystems are increasingly threatened, direct confrontation between activists and the entities that drive environmental damage seems also to be increasing Continue reading

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Q-and-A: The Quest of the Earth Scientist

New York Times: Ralph J. Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, was back in his old haunt this week, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the University of California, Irvine`s Department of Earth System Science, which he founded Continue reading

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‘Global plant database’ to help monitor effects of climate change on ecosystem

Asian News International: Scientists have created the world’s largest global plant database that is expected to promote biodiversity research and Earth-system sciences. The compilation of three million traits or functional properties for 69,000 out of the world’s 300,000 plant species has already been published. Continue reading

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