There are a number of reasons for replacing the handle on a toilet. For either cosmetic or functional reasons, the replacement is the same. Rarely can a handle be fixed if it is broken.

First, make sure the problem is the handle or lever and not the chain or flapper. The lever should never hit the lid, so when adjusting the chain make sure the length is such that the flapper opens and closes fully with the lid on the tank.

If the handle is hard to turn, disconnect the chain and then test to see if the handle is still hard to turn. If not, the problem is at the flapper or ball and not the handle. If it’s still hard to turn then the handle needs replacing.

Handles come in different lengths and shapes, so take the old handle with you to buy a replacement.

Replacing the handle on a toilet tank is not a difficult job, but it can be frustrating. That’s because the nut on the inside of the tank is usually threaded in the reverse way to how we normally remove nuts. So to UNSCREW the nut, turn the nut CLOCKWISE.