While looking for a toilet, it may seem simple. However, there are a lot of smaller parts to the toilet system that makes it quite hard to find the perfect toilet fit for your home or business. From colors, shapes, sizes, flush styles, internal parts, plumbing drain sizes and more, toilets can be quite specific. One of the most important aspects of toilet selection is the way the toilet is mounted.

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What toilet mount options are available?

The two options for toilet mounting are wall mounted and floor mounted. Both sound exactly like they are. The wall mounted toilet is mounted to a space on the wall behind the toilet. These toilets do not actually touch the floor, and usually hover a few centimeters to inches off the ground. These toilets are unique, as the actual tank of the toilet is inside the wall, rather than outside like a floor mounted. A floor mounted toilet sits directly on the floor and is usually screwed into the flooring with bolts and is sometimes also glued into the floor.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Toilets

One of the biggest benefits of wall mounted toilets are the aesthetics. For bathrooms that need a sleeker or more modern look, wall mounted toilets tend to blend in with the other bathroom fixtures to provide a sleek style. These toilets never go out of style and provide a classy and minimal design that outlasts all style trends. These toilets are also ideal for smaller bathrooms, as the wall mount allows for much smaller (still functional toilets). These toilets are ideal for small home bathrooms, or bathrooms in tiny homes or mobile homes. When designing a bathroom, it is recommended to have around 24 inches of clear space in front of the toilet, and around 30 inches of free space between the toilet and other fixtures (in order to be up to most codes). For users who are elderly or disabled, the wall mount toilet is ideal. As it does not rely on floor height, it can be mounted higher or lower to provide easier access. Additionally, due to the toilets having different internal parts, they can be a much quieter option. These toilets are much easier to clean as the bacteria that usually gathers on the floor around the base is no longer present.

There are cons to the toilets, however. Without the floor base, wall mounted toilets have a more complex flushing and drainage method, meaning installation is much more complicated and extensive. Rather than just bolting onto the floor, the wall mounted toilet has its tank inside the wall, meaning that space must be cut into the wall and the interior must be framed and structured in order to support the somewhat freestanding toilet.  The cost of wall mounted toilets is much higher, with the toilet plus installation sometimes costing upwards of 1,000 to 2,500 dollars!

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Pros and Cons of Floor Mounted Toilets

Floor mounted toilets are some of the most common toilets on the markets, as they are easy to install and readily available. Floor mounted toilets are extremely easy to install. When most homes are built, they offer plumbing and drainage lines that run from underneath the flooring in the home and out through the ground into the bathroom. When installing a floor mounted toilet, you will align the toilet interior pipes and holes with the external plumbing lines, and then bolt and/or glue the toilet down to the floor. Since these toilets are extremely common, the parts for them are readily available, making repairs accessible and inexpensive. Overall, the costs for the toilet are much cheaper. Readily available parts mean that this toilet, with installation, usually costs a max of 500 dollars, unlike the average 1500 of a wall mounted.

However, this toilet also presents cons. These toilets are not as sleek as the wall mounted, meaning that they take up much more space. For smaller bathrooms, these toilets may take up more than the recommended 24 inches of free space around the toilet (making them fail code inspections. These toilets are less accessible for the elderly or handicapped, as they rely on the floor level to determine their height. Since they cannot be raised or lowered, most people choose to install metal bars on the walls surrounding the toilet to allow for easier grip and access. These toilets also harbor a large amount of bacteria and mold. Since the toilets sit directly on the floor, it is extremely common for particles of waste and water to sit on the floor around the base, causing a build-up of bacteria and other toxins. These germs also find their way into the wax rings and bolts, making it harder to clean. When cleaning the toilet, it is recommended to clean the toilet first, then clean the floor and base with a strong antiseptic, as well as removing the bolt caps on the floor and scrubbing those.

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Costs of Each Option

Wall Mounted Toilets:

  • Parts are harder to find making repairs more expensive.
  • These toilets are often made by designer brands, meaning the actual toilet itself is quite expensive.
  • It takes special training to install these toilets, usually meaning that plumbers will charge an additional fee to install them.
  • Overall Cost: $1000 to $2500 (usually including installation fees)

Floor Mounted Toilets:

  • Parts are readily available, making most repairs cheap.
  • These toilets are the most common on the market, allowing for flexibility on size, shape, color, style, and cost.
  • These toilets are the most common ones installed by plumbers, meaning there are no specialty charges and fees with installation.
  • Overall Cost: $200 to $500 (including installation charges)

Best Toilets on the Market

Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your toilet? Making this investment can be hard, but by making an informed decision and researching options, you can save yourself time and money along the way. By picking the best toilet for your needs, bathroom size, and accessibility, you’re guaranteed to get a toilet that needs minimal repairs and is durable through the years. Here are some of the best rated toilets on the market (with average prices):

Floor Mounted Options: Toto Eco UltraMax ($350), Kohler Wellworth ($169), Tofino by American Standard ($300), Glacier Bay 2-Piece ($119), Delta Foundations ($342)

Wall Mounted Options: Toto MH ($1,972), Geberit Clarity ($942), Toto Duofit ($842), Kohler Veil ($453), Swiss Madison Plaisir ($261)