Think you can tell an upflush toilet apart from a standard toilet? It’s hard to know unless you are familiar with its design since the main difference is the trapway. They are also known as a macerating toilet because of a blender style device used in conjunction. Upflush toilets function just like their name describes and they essentially flush waste up instead of down. These toilets are cost-effective, easy to install, space-saving, and a potential boost to your home’s market value.

Here is a bit more information about what exactly an upflush toilet consists of and how the flushing process works.

How Does an Upflush Toilet Work?

Imagine a standard toilet for a second, such as the one that’s currently in your bathroom. It had to be installed along with pipes, and when you flush it, the water pressure forces the waste down the drain. An upflush toilet does things a little differently in that it can be installed where lateral plumbing lines already exist. There is no need to add additional piping with an upflush toilet, which makes it a cost-saving solution.

In addition, when you flush this type of toilet, the waste exits the bowl via water pressure and then travels upwards into the macerator pump, which is like a garbage disposal. The macerator breaks down the waste and then shoots it off along a PVC pipe well out of sight and mind. Upflush toilets are so easy to install that some people even use them as a temporary restroom solution for houseguests. It gives them a suitable and user-friendly bathroom without the commitment of a full-fledged home renovation project.

What Are its Benefits?

As you can see, an upflush toilet makes your bathroom more efficient, as well as accessible. Not only that, but this type of toilet can improve the property value of your home since it is a convenient and space-saving solution. Its easy installation makes it a great option for those who have tight spaces, such as in a basement bathroom or guest room.

This type of toilet may seem new to you, but they have been a thing in Europe for decades. Now their Western neighbors across the Atlantic Ocean are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps you have seen an upflush toilet during your travels. They look just the same as a standard toilet, except the upflush toilets have a small pump in the back. In some cases, an extension pipe might run from the back of the toilet to the pump, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the pump hides behind a wall or simply sits on the floor, out of sight and out of the way.

Trying Your Own Upflush Toilet

The only requirement for an upflush toilet is an electrical outlet. The pump lasts for over 10 years and is the only thing that you really need to think about when maintaining your upflush toilet. Moreover, once you have the macerator pump, you can add other fixtures as well. For example, add a sink and a shower with little to no effort. The only thing you need to consider is the type of pump that you’re using. There are upflush toilet pumps that are suitable for residential and commercial use. If you just need a pump for your home, you don’t need anything heavy-duty. You should know, however, that there are some pumps available that can accommodate dozens of fixtures from the same building. This is perfect for commercial customers.

You can find an upflush toilet online or even at large retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot. Two popular upflush toilet models are Liberty and Saniflo. Finally, remember that even if you have never installed anything before, you can take care of your new upflush toilet with minimal supervision.