The Toilet Seat Art Museum is more about the artistic representation of the toilet seat. On top of it being an uncommon type of museum, it is also in a garage located in a residential area in Alamo Heights, Texas.

This museum is the creation of Barney Smith a retired master plumber. Interestingly enough the toilet seats are what people went to see but after ariving, the consensus is that he was always the main attraction with plenty of stories to share.

Barney had a large collection with close to 1,500 toilet seats and covers, all available for public viewing without a charge of admission. Also apart from sticking to the unique theme of toilet seats not much else is off the table with this museum. There are toilet seats covered with pokemon cards, state license plates, barbed wire from Auschwitz, and even one covered in a piece from the Challenger explosion.

One way to leave your mark there as a visitor was by signing toilet seats with license plates from your state. Cool indeed!

Sadly, Barney Smith has recently passed away at 98 years old. Now his collection of artful toilet seats and stories to go with them are now on display at Truck Yard The Colony, Texas.