Toilets and toilet paper go hand in hand.

In many bathrooms across the world, there is one debilitating moment that is shared alike. It goes like this you’ve finished doing your business and when you reach for the toilet paper… it’s empty!

Simply put toilet paper is important, that’s most likely why the Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue came to be.

The creator of the museum was Carol Kolb and she designed it to be in an actual apartment, at some point in time she had around “3,000 rolls of toilet paper” from a variety of sources. Exhibiting toilet paper from U.S tourist destinations, many different countries, restaurants, and even other museums.

Sadly, the museum was only open for about 8 years from 1992-2000, now the collection of toilet paper has new owners and future plans are unknown.

You can still view a website dedicated to this museum with more images here.