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Oceans Worth of Water Could be Trapped Beneath the Earth’s Mantle

Nature World: Large amounts of ocean water could be transported through deep-sea fault zones in volumes much greater than previously believed, according to new research from the University of Liverpool, which focused on the subduction zone that led to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in Japan. The research supports the theory that there could be vast amounts of water buried deep beneath the Earth’s mantle Continue reading

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Global warming will impact the power grid

Tribune: The power distribution grid is a remarkable machine that regulates and transports vast amounts of electrical energy that we use in our homes and businesses. It’s there out in the open for all of us to see; in fact, it’s so wide open, most of us don’t even notice the lines and poles any longer. It’s only during a power outage when you actually think about it Continue reading

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The Dam Boom in the Amazon

New York Times: A confrontation between the insatiable appetite for energy and the enduring need for habitability is under way in Brazil as it moves aggressively to harness the power of its rivers with plans for dozens of hydroelectric dams. Continue reading

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Pa. official: End nears for wastewater releases

Associated Press: Pennsylvania’s top environmental regulator says he is confident that the natural gas industry is just weeks away from ending one of its more troubling environmental practices: the discharge of vast amounts of polluted brine into rivers used for drinking water. On Tuesday, the state’s new Republican administration called on drillers to stop using riverside treatment plants to get rid of the millions of barrels of ultra-salty, chemically tainted wastewater that gush annually from gas wells. As drillers… Continue reading

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