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Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds’ oceans

ScienceDaily: Wild fire residue is washed out of the soil and transported to the sea by rivers. Wild fires turn millions of hectares of vegetation into charcoal each year. An international team of researchers led by Thorsten Dittgar from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen and Rudolf JaffĂ© from Florida International University’s Southeast Environmental Research Center in Miami has now shown that this charcoal does not remain in the soil, as previously thought Continue reading

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Climate change affecting Antarctica faster than previously thought: study

Xinhua: Climate change is affecting the world’s last great unspoiled wilderness of the Antarctic faster than previously thought, according to a New Zealand-led international team of researchers. The scientists, led by Professor Craig Cary, of the University of Waikato, have been studying ecosystems in the continent’s Dry Valleys and found that microbial communities in the soil undergo rapid and lasting changes in response to environmental conditions Continue reading

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