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European shrub threatens US frogs

BBC: An invasive shrub is disrupting US Mid-West ecosystems and threatening amphibian populations, say researchers. Buckthorn, listed as an invasive species in the US, is understood to release a chemical into the environment that reduces successful hatching. Since its introduction in the 19th Century as a hedgerow shrub, the plant has spread widely and is now found across two-thirds of the country Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Campaigners warn against rise of the ‘mega-farms’

Independent: Farming in the British Isles is on the verge of a dramatic step towards industrialisation with the establishment of “mega-farms” for salmon, pigs and cows, which opponents claim put the environment and human health at risk. Continue reading

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EPA Lets Pesticides on the Market Untested

OnEarth: You probably wouldn’t expect to find pesticides in your toothpaste or your gym socks, but they might be in there all the same. And the vast majority of those pesticides have made it into everyday products without adequate oversight by the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s because they’ve been approved through a bureaucratic loophole known as “conditional registration,” which means they haven’t been fully tested to ensure that they pose no threat to human health or the environment, as required… Continue reading

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In Conservatives’ Canada, It’s Not Easy Being Green

Inter Press Service: Canada`s police and security agencies think citizens concerned about the environment are threats to national security, and some are under surveillance, documents reveal. The RCMP, the national police force, and Canada`s spy agency CSIS are increasingly conflating terrorism and extremism with peaceful citizens exercising their democratic rights to organise petitions, protest and question government policies, said Jeffrey Monaghan, a researcher with the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University… Continue reading

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Sweden: Perch exposed to human anti-anxiety drugs become isolated, aggressive – study

Reuters: Wild perch living in water tainted with a commonly prescribed human anti-anxiety drug aggressively feed, shun other fish and become careless, according to the results of a study presented at a meeting of scientists on Thursday. Continue reading

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Report outlines climate change options for Obama administration

Miami Herald: The United States will struggle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to promised levels by 2020, a report from a prominent think tank warned this week, but the federal government, states and industry already have the means at their disposal to achieve such goals. The report, by the World Resources Institute, a think tank that focuses on the environment and socioeconomic development, looks at the technical and legal authority President Barack Obama could use to build on the pledge in his inaugural… Continue reading

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Industrial Pollution is Disaster in Waiting

Observer: Pollution is quickly becoming a devastating phenomenon and normally has diverse effects on people, the environment and all living creatures, both in the short and long run. I will look at some of the pollution catastrophes that continue to wreak havoc in several countries around the world. Much of the pollution mayhem is attributed to various man-made causes, including, but not limited to, issues ranging from system failures of extraction companies, accidents caused by natural factors and poor industrial… Continue reading

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Is ‘Wild West’ Era for Fracking Coming to an End?

New York Times: While in Washington to run a panel at an invaluable conference on disasters and the environment this week, I spent a few minutes in a studio to discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding hydraulic fracturing for natural gas (and oil) on the Current TV show The War Room, hosted by Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan. I describe my recent posts on ways to identify gas leaks or prove – one way or the other – if water contamination came from a particular well. We talked about… Continue reading

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France: No damage from leak at Flamanville nuclear reactor

Reuters: A contained radioactive water leak detected at EDF’s Flamanville nuclear plant did not cause any damage to the environment or harm any employees, France’s nuclear safety watchdog ASN and EDF said on Thursday. Continue reading

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EU raises fresh concerns over environmental impact of Shale Gas

BusinessGreen: The chances of the European Union taking tough new action to regulate controversial Shale Gas projects received a major boost late last week, with the publication of three new in-depth reports that raised serious concerns about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it is more commonly known. The EU-commissioned reports from the EU Joint Research Centre and environmental consultancy AEA assessed the risks shale gas projects pose to the environment and human health,… Continue reading

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