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EU parliament exclude shale gas from tougher environmental code

Reuters: EU politicians on Wednesday voted for tougher rules on exposing the environmental impact of oil and conventional gas exploration, while excluding shale gas. Continue reading

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Protesters lock themselves to bulldozers to fight coalmine development

AAP: Protesters have locked themselves on to bulldozers as they fight the development of the controversial Maules Creek coalmine in north-west New South Wales. Continue reading

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Gates’ scheme to reinvent the toilet is ‘too high-tech’

SciDevNet: Bill and Melinda Gates’s competition to produce a high-tech toilet for the developing world has been questioned by toilet experts. Continue reading

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Electricity for All but Those the Kariba Dam Displaced

Inter Press Service: Indigenous people who were displaced from the Zambezi Valley almost six decades ago for the construction of the Kariba Dam say they have not benefited from the development they made way for. The building of the Kariba hydroelectric dam was supposed to usher in a bright future for the people of Zambia and Zimbabwe who gave up their land for its construction. Unfortunately, that future was for others and not the displaced and their descendants. Continue reading

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African scientists call for climate change evidence

SciDevNet: African scientists urgently need to build more evidence on the impact of climate change on the continent, a conference has heard. A joint statement issued at the eighth Annual Meeting of African Science Academies last month (12–14November) in Nigeria, notes that Africa lacks much home-grown data about the impacts of extreme weather events and sea level rise. Continue reading

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Donald Trump in a huff over plans for windfarm near his Scottish golf resort

Press Association: US tycoon Donald Trump has criticised a move to build an offshore windfarm near his golf resort in Scotland after a planning application for 11 turbines was submitted last Friday. The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre is a £150m joint venture by utility company Vattenfall, engineering firm Technip and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group. In a statement, Trump said: “I am very disappointed that Scotland may allow the development of a wind-power plant directly off Aberdeen’s beautiful coastline…. Continue reading

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Blackpool uneasy at prospect of ‘fracking’ boom on its coastline

Independent: The allure of Blackpool rock and the rejuvenating effects of its sand and water once made it a magnet for the toiling classes as they took a break from the drudgery of the Lancashire cotton mills. Today, as the resort battles to cope with the allure of cheap flights to Spain, those three elements are once again attracting outsiders to this part of the English coast in search of a fourth: gas. Cuadrilla Resources, a British company specialising in the development of shale gas wells, has been… Continue reading

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Q&A: Studying Kenyan Farmers’ Efforts to Adapt

Inter Press Service: Climate change has become an important part of the development agenda. In Africa, farmers and consumers alike are feeling its effects on productivity and food security. Continue reading

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