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North Carolina: Residents Told Not to Eat Fish Near Spill Site

New York Times: The state Department of Health and Human Services is warning people not to eat fish from near the site of last week’s huge coal ash spill on the Dan River and to avoid the river near the spill. The department said it is collecting fish downstream of the spill in Eden and will evaluate the data. The spill at a 27-acre Duke Energy coal ash pond, spewed up to 82,000 tons of coal ash mixed with 27 million gallons of contaminated water into the Dan. Continue reading

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More storms forecast across UK as Thames flood warnings remain in place

Guardian: The Met Office is warning of another band of heavy rain sweeping in from the Atlantic as 14 severe flood warnings remain in place across a 12-mile stretch of the River Thames. The warnings of danger to life span an area between the M4 in Berkshire and Surrey, where emergency services have already been at full stretch Continue reading

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U.S. House passes Republican-backed California water plan

Reuters: The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would roll back federal rules to provide more water for farmers and municipalities in California’s Central Valley as the state copes with its worst drought in decades. Backers said the legislation would provide drought relief by permitting federal and state authorities to pump more water out the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. Continue reading

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California governor pans Republican water plan in face of drought

Reuters: California Governor Jerry Brown, whose state is facing its worst drought in decades, harshly criticized on Monday an effort by Congressional Republicans to roll back environmental rules limiting how much water agencies can pump out of the fragile San Joaquin-Sacramento River delta in dry years. The emergency legislation would allow state and federal water managers to send water to farms and communities in California’s parched breadbasket next summer, when the impact of the drought begins to hit… Continue reading

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Pete Seeger’s greatest legacy? Saving New York’s Hudson river

Guardian: Pete Seeger’s greatest legacy after a long life filled with music and activism may have been saving the Hudson river, according to those who worked with him to save the waterway. “The Hudson was saved by a lot of people,” said Robert Kennedy Jr, who has sued industry for polluting the river as an environmental lawyer for the Waterkeeper Alliance. Continue reading

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West Virginia water declared safe but smell – and fear – lingers

Associated Press: The smell lingers — the slightly sweet, slightly bitter odour of a chemical that contaminated the water supply of West Virginia’s capital more than a week ago. It creeps out of faucets and shower heads. It wafts from the Elk River, the site of the spill. Continue reading

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Chemical Company In West Virginia Water Crisis Files For Bankruptcy

National Public Radio: Freedom Industries, the West Virginia company that’s been blamed for a chemical spill that left around 300,000 people without water for days, has filed for bankruptcy. The chemical used in cleaning coal leaked into the Elk River and into the public water system. It was only around midday Friday that West Virginia American Water online “water safety map” all blue, as Mark reported for The Two-Way earlier today. Continue reading

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UK Floods Persist, Cameron Blames Climate Change

Environment News Service: The River Thames continues to rise in response to recent heavy rainfall, and communities in the south of England should be prepared for further flooding this week from groundwater and rivers, warns the UK Environment Agency. Following a week of torrential rains, strong winds, storm surges and high tides that have left seven dead and hundreds of homes inundated, further flooding is expected along the River Thames Continue reading

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Colorado River Drought Forces Painful Reckoning for States

New York Times: The sinuous Colorado River and its slew of man-made reservoirs from the Rockies to southern Arizona are being sapped by 14 years of drought nearly unrivaled in 1,250 years. Continue reading

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United Kingdom: After the deluge: time to look again at our flood defences

Telegraph: In 1953, on the night of 31 January, a massive storm surge raced down the North Sea, overtopping defences along a thousand miles of coastline, and submerging 380 square miles of Britain’s broad acres. Three hundred and twenty-six people were killed. Last night an even higher surge struck in very similar circumstances. Continue reading

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