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No shale gas potential in Weald basin, concludes British Geological Survey

Guardian: Government hopes that Britain can emulate the US with a shale gas revolution have been undermined with a long-awaited report unexpectedly concluding there is no potential in the Weald region of southern England. Michael Fallon, the energy minister, insisted he was neither “disappointed nor happy” at the findings from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and denied the government had “hyped” UK potential Continue reading

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Ecuador: Permit Issued for Drilling in Amazon Reserve

Associated Press: Ecuador’s government has issued an environmental permit for oil drilling in a pristine Amazon reserve that President Rafael Correa initially offered to exempt from exploration if rich countries would pay his government. Mr Continue reading

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China says more than half of its groundwater is polluted

Associated Press: Nearly 60% of the groundwater at sites monitored throughout China is of poor or extremely poor quality, with excessive amounts of pollutants, according to an annual report by the Ministry of Land and Resources. Tests at 4,778 monitoring sites across China showed a slight increase in polluted sites over last year, from 57.4% to 59.6%, according to the report, released late on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Rural India looks to past & present to meet growing water needs

Reuters: Farmers in rural India are adopting a combination of centuries-old water storage methods and modern irrigation techniques to adapt to increasingly dry conditions. With funding from international donors, the government of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh is renovating thousands of medieval water ponds, and training farmers to use carefully targeted drip irrigation instead of flooding their fields with water. One of the converts to this mix of old and new methods is 80-year-old rice farmer… Continue reading

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Reports: China poised beef up national Environmental Protection Law

BusinessGreen: The Chinese government is to pass new legislation that will enshrine the principle of prioritising environmental protection over economic growth in a move that could have major implications for the world’s biggest polluter, according to new reports from Reuters. A series of media reports in recent months have confirmed that officials are working on reforms to the country’s overarching 1989 Environmental Protection Law, in a move designed to provide stronger legal foundations to the government’s… Continue reading

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Three ways that green policy can reassure voters at 2015 UK election

Guardian: After years of economic uncertainty and falling living standards, the 2015 election will have a defensive feel to it. The electorate will want reassurance, not big change. Continue reading

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Pakistan drought: government accused over child deaths Sindh province

Guardian: NGOs in Pakistan say the death of at least 132 children in a drought in Sindh province might have been avoided had the government responded sooner. Continue reading

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Benefits of climate change? ‘Completely wrong’

Financial Times: The idea that the benefits of climate change will outweigh any risks is “completely wrong”, according to the government scientist who advises the cabinet on the latest state of knowledge on global warming. “Whilst there may be trivial benefits in some parts of the world for some of the time, the long-term direction for all of us is a negative direction,” said Sir Mark Walport, the UK’s chief scientific adviser. Sir Mark was responding to MPs’ questions in a Commons committee about claims by the… Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Farmers’ fury after climate change expert claims

Western Gazette: Farmers have reacted angrily after the Government’s climate change experts questioned whether it was fair to spend £100 million of taxpayers’ money to save the Somerset Levels. Climate expert Lord Krebs has sent a letter to Environment Minister Owen Paterson saying the Levels should not be made a special case and any plan should be good value for money. Earlier this week the Minister took receipt of an action plan outlining £100 million worth of measures that need to be taken to safeguard the… Continue reading

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China premier says to ‘declare war’ on pollution

Reuters: China will “declare war” on pollution, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday at the start of the annual meeting of parliament, with the government unveiling detailed measures to tackle what has become a hot-button social issue. It is not uncommon for air pollution in parts of China to breach levels considered by some experts to be hazardous. Continue reading

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