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As fresh storms lash coast, UK starts to count long-term cost

Guardian: Who would be a fisherman or a farmer? It was a question many would have been asking as Superstorm Saturday blew in, battering coasts and triggering tidal surges that will ensure parts of the country remain under water for weeks. Continue reading

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Australian farmers should not be treated like protected species

Guardian: Watching rural Liberal backbencher Sharman Stone give the prime minister a free character assessment and troll colleagues over the SPC Ardmona decision, it’s hard to avoid the impression that jobs in agriculture are somehow more important than other jobs in Australia. It’s not unusual for local members to think their constituents’ jobs are crucial to the economy: we certainly heard that when the government effectively hounded GM Holden’s manufacturing operations from our shores (and not coincidentally… Continue reading

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Keystone report raises pressure on Obama to approve pipeline

Reuters: Pressure for President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline increased after a State Department report played down the impact it would have on climate change, irking environmentalists and delighting the project’s proponents. But the White House signaled late on Friday that a decision on an application by TransCanada Corp to build the $5.4 billion project would be made “only after careful consideration” of the report, along with comments from the public and other government agencies…. Continue reading

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Battered Britain: More wet weather… and still no sign leadership

Independent: The Government braced itself for a further onslaught of storms and flooding? last night, as the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, promised that “everything possible” was being done to help potential flood victims and prepare for the further storms and tides forecast to hit the UK today. Mr Paterson, speaking yesterday afternoon after the latest meeting of Cobra, the Government’s emergency committee, promised that the Government was “offering full assistance” to emergency services and local… Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Flooding: Army arrive in Somerset to aid flood relief effort

Telegraph: Military planners and engineers have arrived in villages left stricken by floods as part of emergency relief efforts initiated by the Government. Continue reading

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Green extremists taking ‘nonsensical position’ on fracking says Lord Deben

Guardian: The battle against global warming is being put at risk by far-left extremists in the green movement who are resisting a moderate consensus on issues such as fracking, the government’s independent adviser on climate change has warned. Lord Deben, who is chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, said those who condemn fracking as extremely damaging are taking a “nonsensical position” and called on environmentalists who take a more “sensible” view to disassociate themselves from these groups…. Continue reading

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Murray-Darling water sell-off scheme announced

Guardian: The government is to sell off water allocations to farmers who operate alongside the Murray-Darling river system for the first time since a deal that aims to end two decades of arguments on how to manage the resource. The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, which manages the government’s water licences, said up to 10 gigalitres of water allocation would be available for sale in the Gwydir valley, a region of New South Wales which forms part of the Murray-Darling basin. The government owns… Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Nuclear waste site consultation was rigged to favour Sellafield, say experts

Guardian: The government stands accused of drafting the consultation process to select the site of a multibillion-pound nuclear waste storage facility to favour a location that some geologists claim is unsuitable for burying radioactive material. Two leading geologists told the Observer that they believed the government was keen to push through Sellafield as the site of the facility, a subterranean tunnel network that would be the size of Carlisle, despite an official inquiry demonstrating that its geology… Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Councils face ‘contradictory roles’

Guardian: Government moves to persuade councils to support fracking have been condemned as giving them “contradictory roles” and undermining trust in local government decisions, according to anti-fracking campaigners and an MP whose constituency has a site that is being explored for drilling. The prime minister, David Cameron, announced on a visit to a site close to Gainsborough in Lincolnshire on Monday that councils would be allowed to keep 100% of business rates from fracking operations rather than 50%… Continue reading

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United Kingdom: Anti-fracking protests fail to halt interest in shale gas

Guardian: Hundreds of protesters were making their presence felt again at a fracking site in Barton Moss, Greater Manchester, on Sunday. Since November a hardy group of campaigners have been protesting at the site – where planning permission has been granted to energy company IGas to carry out test drilling – reflecting the fears of environmentalists that exploring for shale gas is unsafe Continue reading

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