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New York fracking lawsuit could set drilling precedent

Reuters: A lawsuit challenging a small town’s ban on natural-gas drilling could have implications throughout New York, where state officials are poised to approve a controversial drilling method known as fracking. Anschutz Exploration Corporation filed suit on Friday against Dryden, a rural suburb of Ithaca with about 13,000 residents that last month amended its zoning laws to bar all gas drilling within its unincorporated borders. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has recommended… Continue reading

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The benefits and costs of a "golden age" of natural gas and fracking

Ecocentric: A Chesapeake Energy natural-gas well site near Burlington, Pa. Shale natural gas–usually the most boring of fuels–has been one of the hottest energy topics in 2011, alternately lionized as a cleaner-burning and plentiful power source and demonized as a poisoner of local water supplies, and even worse for the climate than coal. That debate will continue to run hot–just last week New York filed suit over potential shale gas exploration in the Delaware River Basin–but there’s little doubt that… Continue reading

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