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Report: Alaska military sites vulnerable climate-change impacts

Alaska Dispatch: Several U.S. military sites are vulnerable to rising temperatures and seas as well as other impacts of climate change, and the Department of Defense should do more to protect its facilities, said a federal report issued Monday by the Government Accountability Office. The report examined 15 military facilities around the nation, including several in Alaska. Continue reading

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Green groups urge U.S. agency to halt approving gas export projects

Reuters: Environmentalists on Monday protested at the headquarters of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, calling on the agency to stop approving liquefied natural gas export facilities until the climate change impacts of the projects are better understood. The protesters blasted FERC’s refusal to consider the greenhouse gas emissions that would result from the production, processing and shipment of natural gas abroad and said FERC must examine the matter before considering any new projects…. Continue reading

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Review of National Climate Assessment calls for expanded government research

Bloomberg: The federal government should expand its efforts to understand climate change impacts in the United States and provide more practical guidance for adapting to climate change, the National Research Council said in an April 15 report. The draft National Climate Assessment does a reasonable job of fulfilling its objectives of assessing current climate change science and potential impacts on the United States, but the federal government should provide more information and guidance for the country, according… Continue reading

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Global food crisis: Towards a ‘doubly green’ world

Guardian: Global food crisis: Losetta Mathew and Jacob Chabane with their goats in Uganda. Continue reading

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