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Emergency crews face toxic challenge in Washington state mudslide

Reuters: Recovery teams struggling through thick mud up to their armpits and heavy downpours at the site of a devastating landslide in Washington state are facing yet another challenge – an unseen and potentially dangerous stew of toxic contaminants. Continue reading

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Florida python hunting contest draws hundreds

Reuters: A python hunting competition starting on Saturday is drawing hundreds of amateurs armed with clubs, machetes and guns to the Florida Everglades, where captured Burmese pythons have exceeded the length of minivans and weighed as much as grown men. Continue reading

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The Global Food Crisis, Mapped

New York Times: Oxfam, the anti-hunger group, has been running a campaign to call attention to the global food crisis, its consequences and its potential solutions. Continue reading

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Government leads region in climate change challenge

IRIN: Serious efforts are under way to respond to the impact of climate change in Vietnam but a lack of capacity and resources remains a challenge, experts say. Vietnam has been identified as one of 12 countries at highest risk from climate change and is the most threatened by rising sea levels, according to World Bank studies. UN-cited data on global climate change and model studies show that Vietnam is at increased risk of floods and droughts, saline intrusion and increased health risks from heat… Continue reading

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