A grey toilet is a unique color choice not seen in many bathrooms. It can help to give a bathroom a more customized and upscale look than if it featured a traditional white or beige toilet. If you’re considering buying a grey toilet, it is worth noting that you have several choices to choose from. Not all grey toilets are the same color so it is important to first consider the exact color that you need. In reviewing grey toilets, we compared a variety of factors including availability, cost, water efficiency, and optional features. Please review our research into grey toilets to learn more about this style of toilet and to see if it would be a good color choice for your needs.

Can You Get a Grey Toilet?

Grey toilets are unique, making them more difficult to find than other colors of toilets. Not all styles that feature different colors will have a grey color option. The most common colors that you will find are white, beige, and black. Despite this, there are still many grey toilets that you can choose from. The models vary in terms of the shade of grey, as well as in the available features.

How Do You Clean a Grey Toilet Bowl?

You clean a grey toilet the same way that you clean other toilets. The color mostly refers to the shade of porcelain. For most toilets, there is a clear finish on top that protects the color. When in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the cleaning products you use are good for your toilet.

Pros and Cons of a Grey Toilet

A grey toilet is unique and creates a custom look for your toilet. Many popular models of toilets come in a variety of colors, including grey. Because there are fewer models of grey toilets, you might be limited in terms of the number of options to choose from. They’re not as common as black or white, so it can be hard to find replacement parts if you need to replace the lid or other exterior parts.