KOHLER Memoirs Toilet Review

2 Piece Elongated Toilet with Exposed Trapway in Grey
3 of 5 stars

Key Features

  • Grey Comfort height toilet 
  • Classic Style
  • Floor mounted toilet with a 12 inch rough-in
  • Intended for Residential uses
  • This toilet is one option what is part of the Memoirs series manufactured by KOHLER


Specifications for KOHLER’s Memoirs’s  Toilet in Grey

Average Price Rating3
Flush Type Option(s)Single
Toilet Bowl Shape Option(s)Elongated
# of Pieces2 Piece
Mounting Location(s)Floor
Trapway DesignExposed
Height CategoryComfort
Flush Handle Location(s)Left, Right
Flush TechnologyGravity Fed
Water Consumption (Gallons)1.28 GPF
Additional Featuresslow close

Feature Review

2-Piece Toilet Design

The toilet is a 2-piece toilet which has both advantages and disadvantages. To begin with the benefits, 2-piece toilets like the tend to be less expensive than are their 1-piece counterparts. Many 2-piece toilet models from also come in a wider variety of size and height options as you mix and match various components such as the tank and internal flushing mechanisms. For the installer of ‘s toilet, the 2 piece installation is a bit slower but the lighter weight of each component as well as the easier access to maneuver parts for installation makes it an easier install according to the pros.

Floor Mounted Toilet by KOHLER

This model of the is floor-mounted, which is the most common type of toilet. The floor mounted design means that the will sit on your bathroom floor, bolted into the sub-floor. We recommend paying special attention to the toilet rough-in (distance between the center of the drain pipe and the wall) of your existing application before choosing a floor mounted toilet as this will affect the ease (or difficulty) of installation. Note that the has a rough-in of 12 inches.

Exposed Trapway Design

The features an exposed trapway which makes for easier installation than you’d have with hidden trapway toilets. While we love the ease of install with KOHLER exposed trapway toilets, we also sometimes love the style of toilets with hidden trapways.

Comfort Height KOHLER ADA Compliant Toilet

KOHLER’s is a comfort height toilet, also known as an ADA compliant toilet. The seat of comfort height toilets sits a bit higher than that of standard height toilets. This makes sitting down and standing up much easier to do. We will mention that that comfort height toilets are sometimes negatively reviewed as the height can cause numbness in the legs of children and shorter people. Not to mention that a lower seat is more ergonomically beneficial to accomplishing number two:-)