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Instructor demonstrating how a toilet flush valve works at a toilet repair clinic. Photo by Ken Heinen Toiletology School House, established 1996. Please click to join Toiletology 101 and your classmates in learning about the care, maintenance and repair of toilets.

Let's plunge in;
flush out the facts
and plumb the depths
of toilet repairs.
Almost everything you ever wanted
to know about your toilets!
And some things you probably
never knew you needed to know.

Toiletology 101 as an online toilet repair course is now over 18 years old. Each day hundreds of students fill the classes of Toiletology 101 and learn they do not need to be a plumber to fix the most common toilet problems. All alumnae are encouraged to return at any time for a refresher; we welcome your participation and wish you success with all your toilet repair projects. When you need the help of a plumbing professional in the U.S., checkout for the name of a plumber near you.

typical 2-Piece American made toilet

The information included on these WebPages is meant for toilet repairs on standard, ordinary, run~of~the~mill, two~piece American~made fixtures. There are variations, but generally American~made toilets have the trip lever (handle) on the left side of the toilet tank. However, much of the material will apply to one~piece toilets, fixtures made outside of the U.S., and newer water conservation models.

Electric toilet designed for cold climates

On the left is an example of a toilet that has some obvious differences. This is a toilet made by Kohler Co. but altered for use in the colder areas of Japan. It has a small heater under the trap of the bowl. The illustration was sent to me by Masamichi Ishii, a Kohler Co. representative in Japan. Mr. Ishii tells me the interior parts in the tank are similar to the typical tank.

See Anatomy for a cutaway illustration of a two piece toilet.

Tools needed to repair a toilet

In the UK, you'll find more differences. A toilet is often referred to as a loo and the tank as a cistern. In addition, the trip lever is on the right side. However, inside the tank (cistern) the mechanics are quite similar, although in different places.


One more thing, our sponsors and advertisers pay your tuition for this course in toilet repairs; each of your clicks/purchases through Toiletology 101 let's them know you appreciate their support in keeping Toiletology 101 online, up-to-date and free. Thanks to the support and loyalty of Toiletology students, alumnae and plumbers, the past 16 years have been fun and gratifying. KAY

Toiletology 101 was a 1997 Webby Award Nominee
Toiletology 101 - 1997 Nominee for
The 1st Annual Webby Awards
in Home/Education
Angie's List - The Toilet Issue - Nov 2006
Toiletology 101
reviewed for
The Toilet Issue
November 2006


Wally Gross ( Hi Kay: An effort of Herculean proportions. Not only are we impressed; we are simply amazed. Who (not us) would ever believe that there is so much to know about that little throne where we all can be King or Queen (if only for a few minutes), the toilet. We are pleased to award your site with our "Best of The Net" designation.


Incredibly Useful Sites ... Know Thy Plumbing ... Take the plunge at Toiletology 101. Yahoo! Internet Life, Feb 1997.


Lifestyle.UK, Europe's most excellent directory! ... Congratulations, your site is a quality resource and will shortly be featured @ Lifestyle.UK. We apply stringent criteria to our listings and it is indeed in recognition of your good work.


Womans Day Solutions, ...for a leaky toilet, take a seat in Kay Keating's entertaining online classroom at


The Web Magazine ... Hot 5. Stop giggling; this no-nonsense site tells you how a toilet works, what can go wrong, and what you can do to fix it with engaging text and excellent graphics.


Toiletology 101 - exists as an answer to that eternal question: "Do you have what it takes to fix the Can?" (Featured June 24, 1996 ~ Yahoo)


Birmingham Post-Herald ... Weekly Web Wonder: Need to know more about your toilet? Check out for the latest in repairs, upgrades and tips.

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