Over the years, we’ve been asked to research the best and newest toilets on the market. In doing so, we aim to research toilets from all worldwide toilet manufacturers. In short, there are a few major manufacturers of toilets and then dozens of smaller toilet brands to consider. While it’s hard to say which toilet manufacturer is “best”, our toilet reviews can you you find which toilet is best, based on your needs.

You will find answers to most of the everyday residential toilet repair and maintenance problems in the Toiletology 101 lessons, but when answers elude you, I list here and on the following page dozens of resources for additional help. I regret I can not answer questions directly. If you are totally frustrated and ready to turn your problem over to a professional, you can get a free estimate from a qualified plumber in your area.

In many cases, visiting the manufacturers website or YouTube page is the best way to gain valuable “how to” content related to installation, fixing, etc. their toilets.

List of Manufacturers

Below, we’ve accumulated a list of some of the top toilet manufacturers.

American Standard Toilets

American Standard is a well-established toilet manufacturer (since 1929) with headquarters in New Jersey.

KOHLER Toilets

KOHLER is one the best know toilet brands in the USA, offering toilets ranging from basic economy models to higher end smart toilets.

Swiss Madison Toilets

A newer toilet brand (relative to other manufacturers), Swiss Madison seems to focus on modern style toilets with relatively low pricing compared to more establish brands.

TOTO Toilets

TOTO has been around making toilets in Japan since 1917! One of the most established toilet manufacturers in the World for sure.

Delta Toilets

Delta is a high-quality and budget brand of toilets. This manufacturer offers just a handful of models to choose from.

Additional Toilet Manufacturers

Who is the best toilet manufacturer?

In considering the decision of who the best toilet brand is, we think it’s important to review a few criteria.

  • Manufacturer Age: Age means experience and when it comes to #1 and #2, we prefer using a toilet which has stood the test of time from a manufacturer who has been around for some time.
  • Toilet Selection: On this website, we review a number of toilets (over 100 and counting). Some manufacturers offer literally hundreds of toilet options suited to every need and budget. Others, only specialize in a select few toilets (smart toilets, budget toilets, etc.). We think a great toilet brand will offer an array of toilet options.
  • Pricing: Sometimes you pay for a brand name and sometimes you pay for a product. Most manufacturers of toilets offer both low and high-end toilets and we like the flexibility in this.