A heated seat toilet features a remote control or buttons that allow you to heat up the seat before you sit down. This can make it much more comfortable to sit down on the toilet without an uncomfortable cold feeling. For people living in colder climates, this can make the experience of having a heated seat even more comfortable. For these reasons, heated seat toilets are considered a luxury and are extremely popular. In reviewing heated seat toilets, we’ve considered many different considerations including the total cost of buying and installing the toilet, available styles, and much more. Read our heated seat toilet research below to learn more about this style of toilet.

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How Do Heated Seat Toilets Work?

With a heated seat toilet, the seat has a plug that is either hardwired by an electrician or plugged into a standard outlet. In some cases, batteries might be used to provide power to the heated seat. If you select a heated seat toilet that comes complete with the heater, tank, and bowl, it is more likely that the electrical components will need to be hardwired during installation. However, there are aftermarket heated toilet seats that can be installed onto an existing toilet bowl that may just require access to a standard electrical outlet.

Do Heated Toilet Seats Use a Lot of Electricity?

It does not require a lot of electricity to operate a heated toilet seat. While there is some energy used, it uses very little power and will not have a significant increase on your utility bills. For those concerned about how increased energy usage will impact the environment, it is good to know that heated seat toilets do not use a large amount of power.

What to Look for in a Heated Seat Toilet

Buying a heated seat toilet is a bit different than buying a heated toilet seat that you plan to add to your existing toilet. You will want to consider the overall function of the toilet and whether its height, technical specifications, and style meet your needs, as well as the installation process. Is the toilet hardwired and would require the assistance of a professional electrician? Or can you install it yourself because it has a regular plug?