LED lighting toilets are a great way to upgrade your bathroom with fun and practical toilet upscale. LED lighting toilets have LED lighting installed in them so that they emit light even when it is dark in the bathroom. Not only is it fun to see your toilet light up in different colors, but it also makes it easier to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. In reviewing LED lighting toilets, we’ve taken into account several important considerations, including installation costs, ways to power the LEDs, and more. Review our LED lighting toilet research carefully to learn everything that you need to know about LED lighting toilets.

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What is an LED Lighting Toilet?

An LED lighting toilet is a toilet with LED lighting installed in it. In most cases, it is installed in a way that lights up the inside of the bowl or the floor around the toilet. People love LED lighting toilets because they are both fun and practical. Having its own light source means that you can always see your toilet even at night. If you don’t want to wake your partner by turning on the lights, your LED lighting toilet is visible since it has its own light. You can find your way through the bathroom without having to turn on more lights and wake anyone.

Pros and Cons of LED Lighting for Toilets

LED lighting toilets have several pros and cons. They are a benefit because they are easy to find in the dark and are fun to customize. However, these toilets require a power source, usually a hardwired connection or a wall plug to power the lights. That means installing one may require the help of a plumber and/or an electrician to finish.

Are All LED Toilet Lights Motion-Activated?

Not all LED toilet lights are motion-activated, but some of the higher-end versions are. Motion-activated sensors make LED lighting toilets more practical. You won’t need to find a light switch to turn the lights on. Since not all of these toilets are motion-activated, you need a way to activate the lights when you need them. How this works depends on the construction, but an included remote control can often do the trick.