A flushing toilet is a toilet that disposes of waste by dumping its content, suspended in water, into the drain by adding more water. This process is called flushing, and it is the primary way that toilets work. People choose flushing toilets because they are common and they work consistently. Although there are other types of toilets that don’t rely on flushing, the most common choice is the flushing toilet. Nearly all residential and commercial properties are outfitted with the necessary systems needed to support flushing toilets and it is what most people are familiar with.


We’ve compared a large list of factors about flushing toilets that can influence your shopping decisions. These factors include environmental impacts, installation requirements, ease of use, costs, and more.  Check out our flushing toilet review articles to learn more.

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What is the Best Flush Rate for a Toilet?

Flush rates are measured in how many grams of waste can be removed from the bowl each time you flush and how many gallons each flush uses. Essentially, it measures grams per flush at gallons per flush. For example, a standard toilet should be able to evacuate 350-600 grams per flush if each flush uses 1.6 gallons of water. This is the standard because it is mandated by law in the U.S. toilets cannot use more than 1.6 gallons per flush. However, this is not the most efficient that it can be.


There are high-efficiency toilets that can evaluate more than 600 grams per flush at 1 gallon. Ultra high-efficiency toilets are now available that can evacuate 800-1,000 grams at 0.8 gallons. For the best performance, look for an UHE (Ultra High-Efficiency) toilet.

Which Toilet Flush is Best?

The best toilet flush is the one that removes the most waste with the least amount of water. There are many factors that influence this, including, bowl shape, water tank size or style, water pressure, drain diameter, trapway geometry, and more. The best flushes are performed by ultra high-efficiency toilets that use less than a gallon of water per flush. These toilets use a combination of methods to reach high efficiency, which lets them remove more waste per flush too.

Do Some Toilets Flush Better Than Others?

How well a toilet flushes is influenced by several factors. There are toilets that flush better than others. Toilets are rated by their efficiency, which grades toilets higher for using less water and removing more waste per flush. When you shop for a toilet, you want to find the best combination of low water usage and flush capacity.