A CSA certified toilet has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association. CSA certified toilets are popular because of their quality and compliance with national safety, environmental, and performance standards, even in markets outside of Canada. For these reasons, many toilet installers and plumbers choose CSA certified toilets for their plumbing projects as an extra measure of quality assurance. In reviewing CSA certified toilets, we have taken into account several important considerations including toilet price, available models, style options, and other factors. Since not all toilets require CSA certifications, there are naturally fewer to choose from. We have detailed the results of our CSA certified toilet research below.

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What is a CSA Certified Toilet?

The Canadian Standards Association is an accredited testing laboratory that evaluates the quality and performance of plumbing products. There are different types of CSA Certifications that signify which country’s national standards. An imprint of the CSA logo with “US” is for the United States, “C” is for the Canadian market, and “NRTL/C” means that it is certified for both. In the U.S., a CSA logo with “US” and “NRTL/C” has passed the necessary inspections and tests to meet the national standards for toilets in the United States.

Are CSA Certified Toilets Reliable?

CSA certified toilets undergo an additional inspection and testing protocol to ensure that they are of a high quality. While toilets without this designation could also be reliable, the CSA certification can give consumers confidence in the quality of products that they buy. However, this does not mean that a toilet that has not undergone the CSA certification process is unreliable. It simply hasn’t been certified.

Pros and Cons of CSA Certified Toilets

Buying a CSA certified means that you’re selecting a model that has been inspected and tested for quality. This could mean that the toilet will be in better condition and perform better than a toilet that has not undergone this additional step for quality assurance. However, CSA certified toilets will often cost more money than non-CSA certified toilets because there are more people and companies involved in the process. There are also fewer options for styles that have been CSA certified.