Children’s height toilets are designed to be smaller than standard toilets. At the right size, they are easier for children to use since they don’t have to climb up onto the toilet. Parents choose children’s height toilets because it gives their kids a new level of independence. With standard size toilets, small kids may need help trying to get up on the toilet every time. Having a smaller toilet that is the right size for their smaller bodies makes it possible for your children to use the toilet on their own.

In our research of children’s height toilets, we considered a variety of options, including height, cost, and styles. Read our research articles on children’s height toilets to see how you can add one to your bathroom.

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How Tall Are Kids Toilets?

Kid height toilets come in two configurations: full toilets and small-form toilets. Full toilets are smaller versions of regular toilets. Their height should be measured from the floor up. They are usually 11-18 inches depending on which age they are designed for. Small-form toilets are smaller toilets that do not have a stand. They are usually suspended from a wall making it possible to adjust the height up and down when installing it. Small-form toilets are often placed at the same height intervals as full toilets, but they do not touch the ground and the height is determined by how they are installed.

What is the Height Difference Between Standards and Children’s Height Toilets?

The difference in height between standard toilets and children’s height toilets is 0-8 inches, but possibly more depending on the height of the children’s toilet. Standard toilets tend to be around 14-15 inches tall without the seat attached, so 15-17 inches tall with most seats. Toilets for seniors can be taller to help them get on since they don’t have to sit as low. Children’s height toilets can be significantly lower based on how they are installed and designed. On average, they are 11 inches tall for a standard children’s height toilet. There is a lot of variation in the different size toilet heights.

Pros and Cons of Children’s Height Toilets

The biggest benefit to having a children’s height toilet is that it is easy for your child to use. This makes potty training easier and lets your kids be more independent. The drawback to having a children’s height toilet is that it is harder for adults to use. Because of its lower height, it may be uncomfortable for adults to sit on. This usually means that you need to have more than one toilet in a bathroom to accommodate adults and children.