Auto open and close toilets are designed to lift or lower the lid when there is someone nearby. This is usually done using an automation system that combines proximity sensors and a motorized toilet lid. People love auto open and close toilets because they don’t have to touch the toilet to use it. Plus, it always remembers to put down the seat when you are done. You can find auto open and close toilets in upscale houses, but you may also see them in public restrooms with a high focus on preventing the spread of diseases and improving cleanliness. Upscale public spaces with a lot of foot traffic are more likely to invest in auto open and close toilets. In reviewing auto open and close toilets, we have considered costs, installation requirements, power consumption, and more. Review our research on auto open and close toilets to learn more and see if they are right for you.

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Are There Toilets That Automatically Close?

There are toilets that can both open and close automatically. These toilets are motorized and use sensors to tell when someone is nearby. Automatically closing toilets are a great way to cut down on the spread of bacteria that can escape your toilet when you flush. Most models are designed to close before flushing, which reduces the spray effect and also helps keep your bathroom from smelling.

What is the Difference Between Auto Open and Close and Soft Close Toilet Seats?

The difference between auto open and close toilets and soft close toilet seats is that auto open and close toilets open and close without needing to be touched. Soft close toilets use a mechanical system to slow how fast the lid falls. While auto open and close toilets can have soft close seats, they are better defined by their ability to open and close on their own.

Pros and Cons of Auto Open and Close Toilets

Auto open and close toilets are a great way to cut back on the spread of germs and bacteria.  Because the lid closes before the flush, bacteria doesn’t spray around your bathroom. This keeps in cleaning and smelling better.

Alternatively, these toilets require a power source, which slightly increases the cost. Many automatic open and close toilets are more expensive and come with a variety of other built-in features.