Auto deodorize toilets are designed to kill bacteria and remove smells from toilets automatically. People love auto deodorize toilets because they make it easier to keep bathrooms from smelling. The automatic deodorizer attacks the source of smells, including bacteria, at the source so that smells cannot develop and spread throughout the room. Normally, this requires extensive cleaning, sprays, and other methods to reduce smells. With every flush, auto deodorize toilets do the work for you. In reviewing auto deodorize toilets, we’ve taken into account several important considerations, including price, power requirements, cleaning needs, deodorizing material needs, and much more. Please review our auto deodorize toilet research carefully to learn more about this popular style of toilets.

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How Do Auto Deodorize Toilets Work?

Auto deodorize toilets work by releasing bacteria-killing materials and odor-eliminating materials into the water with every flush. The odor-eliminating materials trap bad smells that already formed in the bowl. This keeps them from spreading in your bathroom. The bacteria-killing materials cut down on long-term odor problems by killing bacteria, the source of ongoing smells. Most auto deodorize toilets release these agents after every flush as the bowl refills, creating a constant shield against smells.

Are Auto Deodorize Toilets Safe?

Auto deodorize toilets are safe to use. While the materials that they use can trap odors and eliminate bacteria, they are generally safe to be around humans and pets. However, just like normal toilets, do not let kids and pets play in them. Mild exposure to those materials is fine, but extended exposure or consumption can be a health hazard.

How Do You Deodorize a Toilet Bowl?

To deodorize a toilet bowl, there are two things that you must do. First, start by thoroughly cleaning the bowl, including scrubbing out any debris or stains. After scrubbing, flush the contents out of the bowl.

Next, apply an anti-bacterial agent or deodorizer to the bowl. Most bathroom smells that persist are caused by bacteria. Bacteria can release gasses as they grow and spread through your bathroom quickly. By killing that bacteria at the source, you can prevent its spread and the smells that it makes. You can install an automatic deodorizer or switch to an auto deodorize toilet, which will automate the process for you.