The Society of Crapperologists is founded for the purpose of encouraging the pursuit of excellence in the maintenance of all toilets in the care of its members. The motto of The Society of Crapperologists is:

  • Save Water
  • Save Energy
  • Save Money

Upon the successful completion of the coursework for Toiletology 101 everyone regardless of gender, age, race or religion earns the honor and privilege of a lifetime membership in The Society of Crapperologists.

  • All members pledge they will uphold the highest standards of The Society of Crapperologists in the practice of their craft.
  • All members pledge they will perform a dye test on all toilets in their care at least twice a year and to immediately make all necessary repairs.
  • All members pledge to immediately report all leaking toilets they encounter to the person or persons in charge of the toilet.
  • The benefits and privileges of The Society of Crapperologists are non-transferable, therefore:
  • All members pledge pledge to advance the goals of Toiletology 101 and The Society of Crapperologists by recruiting new members.
  • All members pledge to tithe to the society a portion of the savings they reap from taking Toiletology 101. When a member reduces a water bill or avoids a professional repair bill as a result of something learned from Toiletology 101, they are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution of a small portion of the savings to The Society of Crapperologists in order to ensure the availability of Toiletology 101 for future generations of Crapperologists.

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