Trapped Between Droughts and Floods

Inter Press Service: Extreme weather conditions across Europe have transformed the continent into a climatic roller coaster – while rainfall in May was the lowest ever measured in Germany and France, June began with stormy showers that caused the death of at least one person, and high economic losses. On Jun. 6, storms caused flooding in the northern German city of Hamburg.

The rest is here:
Trapped Between Droughts and Floods

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  1. Tarun says:

    The author wants to tie eetmxre weather and climate change(warming) There have been many super strong huricanes in US history and none have occured within the last couple of years. The Hurricane if 1935 that it blew a locomotiove off its tracks! The winds of Huricane Camille knocked out the wind gauge at Kessler AFB (home of the Huricane Hunters) somewhere at 205 MPH. I lived in Phoenix where it frequently reaches 120 in the summer and I never saw eetmxre weather while I lived there.

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